Angels in the World New

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Angels in the World is the award-winning follow-up to the Love All the World CD. Singer-songwriter Tim Urbonya, together with his daughters, Dalian and Jong May, perform 17 songs composed from the Prayers and Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, the Báb and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. Three songs on this recording (Tender Plant, Remover of Difficulties and Here I Am) were winners of the Best of radio NUR song contest. This CD features an enjoyable variety of musical genres with songs that appeal both to children and their parents.

Angels in the World

1. Comfort & Strength [listen]
2. Removers of Difficulties
3. Tender Plant [listen]
4. Light of Thy Knowledge
5. Rose Garden
6. Entire Being
7. United, Agreed
8. Trust in God [listen]
9. Perfect Harmony

10. Light of the World [listen]
11. Here I am [listen]
12. Utmost Love [listen]
13. Be Generous [listen]
14. Birds of the Spirit
15. Concentrate [listen]
16. Be Free [listen]
17. Angels in the World [listen]


Love All The World

$14.90(plus shipping)

An upbeat and inspiring collection of 16 songs from the Prayers and Writings of Bahá’u’lláh and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Love All the World helps children and their families memorize the Holy Writings in the most effortless and uplifting way - through music. Singer-songwriter Tim Urbonya’s first Bahá’í children’s CD has become a favorite of children’s classes throughout the world.

This CD of songs includes
five children's prayers
and eleven quotations from
the Writings. Each song
follows the original text.

Love All The World
1. He is God
2. Crown of Justice [listen]
3. Child of Tender Years
4. O God, Guide Me
5. O Thou Kind Lord
6. O Thou Peerless Lord [listen]
7. Tread Ye the Path of Justice [listen]
8. Waves of One Sea
9. Ocean of My Words [listen]
10. Guide Ye the People [listen]
11. Rose of Love
12. If an Animal Be Sick
13. Friendship
14. Work! Work!
15. Love All the World [listen]
16. Radiant Star